Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wine Tasting: Some Dos and Don'ts

When wine tasting this weekend, I noticed a surprising amount of cleavage. That seems a bit much for a casual day in wine country... If you find yourself dressing for such an occasion, here are some Dos and Don'ts:

Do: Wear a cute sundress- if it's sunny.

Don't: Be THAT girl wearing a teeny tiny skirt in 50 degree weather.

Do: Limit the cleavage shots.
Don't: Wear your club clothes.

Do: Wear some fun shorts.

Don't: Be the girl whose arse cheeks are showing while you stand at the bar.

Do: Wear wine-colored clothing to prevent "wine boob".
Don't: Wear white if you are an agressive swirler.

Do: Wear your sandals.
Don't: Wear heels so high or spindly that you are teetering before you've made it to the second winery.

Do: Wear jeans.
Don't: Wear a freaking prairie skirt. I don't care how rural it is there.

1 comment:

Mira said...

but prarie skirts hide wine stains really well. Just fold 'em over!