Monday, June 15, 2009

Reunion Rant, Volume 2

Let's talk about the biggest style issue I had during the reunion weekend: Vera Bradley. And Vera epitomizes everything I despise in a brand.

1. French Country is OVER. Even the people who live in the country in France don't use this crap.

2. Loud patterned quilted fabric. Um, does anything more need to be said?

3. Do you REALLY want to look like you borrowed grandma's bag? If you need a tote, there are a ridiculous number of options available to you that do not involve anything even remotely as ugly as this.

4. People mistake these bags as appropriate for evening. I'm not kidding, a woman was wearing one of these with her evening ensemble during the Saturday evening event. This is not even a little bit ok.

5. The one time I walked into a store to see if there was anything even REMOTELY accepable for my fun pattern- and color-loving li'l sis, a sales woman asked if this was my first Vera peice and welcomed me to the Vera family.

To say I was nauseous would be an understatement.


Mira said...

Oh but they go so well with my mommy style ensembles! Can't I have one please?

Kim said...

AMEN Sister!!! I am the BIGGEST Vera hater ever... I just don't get it. ICK!!!!

Andrea S. said...

You know I would have to disown you if you ever even considered buying one of those hideous monstrosities for me!? Thank god thats never a possibility.