Monday, October 26, 2009

Bridesmaid Dresses, Revisted

This is the one where I post pictures of hideous bridesmaid dresses and mercilessly make fun of them.

Looks like something I wore to a middle school dance. This is not only the ghastly color of death, it doesn't even flatter the underweight model. If I can see her every lump, how great will normal people feel in this grossness? The fact that the fabric type is undisclosed leads me to suspect that it a) is 100% unnatural, and b) feels like burlap.

Wow, this Are there brides who want all eyes pointed at their bridesmaids' crotches? The tacky lace up ridiculousness in the back is just adding insult to injury.

I thought this went without saying, but, as usual, I have to say it anyway: when the models look chunky in a dress, don't make anyone wear it. Girlfriend on the right is looking bloated, people, and we know she's not. So the dress ISN'T FLATTERING. Don't do this to people you call friends. These colors are also just disgusting.

Too matronly for even a Matron of Honor. Column sheath in shiny fabric won't do anyone any favors. Aging socialite, anyone?

This color seems less than celebratory to me. More something I'd consider for a wall or maybe a sofa.


Mira said...

What you don't like the teeny weeny bow on the first one? Or the dracula renaissance like feeling of the blue one? Come on! No Mermaid dresses! What is wrong with you???

And for more entertainment

Anonymous said...

oooh, can this be a reoccuring section?? I'm happy to provide hideous dresses for you to comment on :)