Monday, October 5, 2009

No. Just No.

The newest member of the Oh, Hell No category is the foot glove:

Lest you start thinking "What a great idea!" or "Gee, those look comfy!" or some other such nonsense, allow me to set you straight. These are quite hideous, and even, as E Dub put it, a little disturbing.

This article discusses the medical/physiological/whatever reasons for such monstrosities, but I'm not convinced that their use outweighs their ugliness. Plus, on the heels (heh- see what I did there?) of such BS as Fit Flops and Crocs, I'm not sure we should be buying into this New Way Of Selling Us Shoes By Telling Us They Are Healthy. What happened to good old fashioned aesthetics and price?

My point? If a foot doctor recommends them and tells me they work, then fine, but marketers may bite me. I don't have foot issues (knock on Louboutins), but if I did, I sure as hell wouldn't go to any lengths to look this crazy without doctor's orders.

Anyone out there interested in looking this ridiculous?


e dub said...

even if an rx was involved i wouldn't sport those. i wouldn't sport them if they were free and made by marc jacobs. they're not right.

Rick and Irene said...

I wholeheartedly agree with e dub on this post. I have never seen anything quite so hideous before and I can't imagine anyone (in their right mind) wearing these. I can't even imagine putting them on!