Monday, October 26, 2009

Handbag of the Day: Sweet Satchel

This is the Steve by Steve Madden Sweet Escape satchel for $198. The color is listed as orange, but I'm betting this is really more of a kicky shade of brown. I love how simple this bag is, and how roomy it looks.

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Andrea S. said...

I feel like you should call me Dr. Quinn if I carry that bag. :) Anyway, I have a question.

Dear Fashion Guru/Ellen:

I am going to be attending some fun and swanky cocktail parties in the next few months, and I need something to wear! Because the weather in Chicago is heinous, I not only need something to wear indoors, but accessories/winter outerwear that won't ruin my presumably fabulous outfit. And then theres the whole shoe problem. All of this for a chic, curvy plus-size on a budget is a bit overwhelming. Can you help me?

Curvy in Chicago
aka: Smart and Sassy Sister