Monday, December 13, 2010

The Office Party: Get a Damn Clue

My BF's husband works for a prestigious company.  Believe me, you know the company.  This company has the cash to throw lavish holiday parties.  This year's party was held at a local museum and attire was semi formal. Naturally my BF wore a nice dress and her husband wore a suit.

And yet, there were douche bags who wore jeans. And birkenstocks.

Those douche bags' first excuse, according to my BF?  They're computer geeks who don't pay attention to things like dress codes and appropriate attire.  Actually, the phrase she used was "their heads are so far up their butts they don't know how to procure a suit."

The other excuse?  "It's primarily men. Which makes a difference in the values."

Oh, hell no.

Here's what I have to say about this:

1.  Being a geek doesn't give you license to be an asshole.

And wearing jeans to the semi formal office party makes you an asshole. 

I don't give a rats arse what you wear at your own holiday parties.  (Actually, I do, but that's an entirely different post.)  But this is a work function.  Just like you don't want to be the one swinging from the chandelier at the end of the night because you can't hold your peppermint schnapps, you don't want to be the one who looks like they don't respect the company or its effort to throw you a party by dressing down.

Being an adult on this planet means you are responsible for your behavoir, no matter what your job is.  And no one who doesn't live in a cave doesn't know where or how to buy/rent/borrow/obtain clothes.

People! You don't get to use your industry as an excuse for inappropriateness or just plain rudeness.  And techie or not, once you are an adult, it's no longer charming or acceptable to just not care. 

2.  Having a penis doesn't give you an all-expenses paid vacation from Adulthood.

Grow the eff up.  Dudes have been getting away with that shit for far too long.  And it's revolting that people just let them- or worse, enable them.

Man or woman, you are a GROWN UP.  So act like one. 

Don't want to dress up?  Don't go.

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Mira said...

oooooh! I got ya fired up did I? That was fun. What else can I say to put ants in your pants?

No really, you'd have to know that there are far more offensive offenses they committed that I didn't document for you. I'm actually surprised the casual ones showed up at such a formal event but perhaps they had forgotten to shop for food that week.