Sunday, December 5, 2010

Outfits of the Weekend: Dressember 4 & 5

Turns out wearing dresses on the weekend in crap-tastic weather is way harder than dressing up for work, where it's expected.  Both mornings I woke up, reached for jeans, and then stuffed them back into the drawer when I remembered it was still a dress day. 

I'm thinking I'm going to run out of weekend dress outfits way before weekday ones, so you'll probably see some variations on the same theme in the upcoming weekends.  I might have one or two more to sneak into the Sat/Sun rotation, though...

Outfit Details: Dress: Ella Moss; Tee: Calson from Nordstrom; Tights: DKNY; Rain Boots: London Fog; Ring: Banana Republic (diff Banana rings each day, I swear!)

This was for brunch with S, seeing a movie, and dinner with friends

Dress it up: switch out boots for nicer shoes

Dress it down: seriously, this is pretty damn casual

Outfit Details: Dress: She-bible; Tee: Banana Republic; Tights: DKNY; Rain Boots: London Fog

This was for a studio band practice (where anything besides jeans is typically met with stares) and hanging out at home, watching football

Dress it up: switch out boots for nicer shoes, add jewelry

Dress it down: um, yeah, this is as casual as it gets

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