Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend Outfits of The Day: Dressember 18 & 19

Outfit Details: Dress: Banana Republic (hello, 40% sale!); Belt: Nordstrom; (sparkly grey) Tights: Banana; Boots (which we are all sick of seeing): London Fog

Dress it up: switch boots for heels; add jacket & statement necklace

Dress it down: this is pretty damn casual.  Flats instead of boots?

Outfit Details: Dress: local boutique find; (heavy ribbed) Tights: probably Nordstrom; Boots: bought in Amsterdam

I tolerate very little kitsch for others and almost none for myself.  This dress is one of the very few pieces I own that are truly cute.  It has a forest scene, complete with birds and deer.  My advice: the best way to wear something like it is to keep everything else neutral and simple.  Hence, no jewelry, despite my urge to add a bird necklace or a flower cocktail ring.

Dress it up: not gonna happen

Dress it down: lose the tights and boots, add simple flats

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