Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What's the Diff? Shoe Edition

This is the Ring in the New Year Heel.  They are $89.99 at ModCloth.

This is the Raines Heel.  They were $69.95, marked down from $128, at Anthropologie, and are sold out as of today.

These are actually the same shoe, with a couple of minor differences. They are both from Seychelles and both feature the same cross-over detail and contrasting colors.  The ModCloth version has a black heel and what looks like metallic leather, while the Anthro version has a brown heel and all brown leather.

I prefer the Anthro version and had these on my wishlist.  Since I've missed out on them, the ModCloth version would be a great alternative, though I find metallic leather hit or miss in the looking cheap department.  Do you have a preference?

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