Friday, September 9, 2011

Non-Neutral Coats & Jackets Time

If you don't already have a neutral coat or outdoor jacket, stop right there.  Remember neutrals?  Black, navy, grey, taupe, tan, chocolate, white, ivory?  (Yes, your olive green coat counts; it's a pseudo-neutral.) They go with everything.  Yeah, if you don't have one of these STAPLES, you clearly need to stop reading about fun colored coats and run out and get a neutral one.  You know, for EVERY DAMN DAY.

Ok, then.  Now for those of you who already have neutral outerwear, you are officially ready for one of the most fun parts of fall: selecting a coat in a fun color or print!

Here are some suggestions:

1.A bright solid color, like red or yellow or purple.

This is where I advise you to consider how much you can really afford on a piece that may not stand the test of time.  Sure, yellow is hot right now, but next year it probably won't be.  So unless you are certain this purchase is one for the ages (you know, like your trusty khaki trench), don't splurge here.

If you truly love red or yellow or purple, you might be able to wear this all season, with everything in your wardrobe.   This is what people are talking about when they say something could function as a neutral.  Red isn't a neutral color, but for you it could be. (That is not to say you don't also need an ACTUAL neutral in your arsenal, for those of you who should be SHOPPING FOR AN ACTUAL NEUTRAL COAT instead of reading this.)

Old Navy Wool Blend Peacoat ($59.94):

This also comes in bright green and some fun plaids.

Guess Wool Ruffle-hem Coat ($148):

Also comes in a fabulous aubergine, for the purple-lovers in the audience.

2. Prints

A little print goes a long way here.  Since this is something that goes over the rest of your outfit, choose prints carefully.  They should be somewhat neutral (yes, cheetah and zebra prints count) or perhaps a little subdued. 

Plaid and hounds tooth are classic prints, and in neutral tones, are just as versatile as a solid neutral piece. So, you might consider investing more in such a piece if you love it and it fits really well.

Old Navy Plaid Coat ($79.94):

Larry Levine Houndstooth Plaid Coat ($179.99):

Anthropologie Pansy Corset Trench ($198):

I am obsessed with this in red, but the print version is a good example of a somewhat subtle pattern, with the neutral background and somewhat graphic flowers.   If this print size works for your proportions, it could be a good choice.

3. Color blocking

As hot a color blocking is right now, color blocked coats are surprisingly hard to find.  If you love them, keep in mind that this really is a trend, it will pass, and your coat will soon look dated.  So don't spend a lot on this.

Here are some way over-priced examples of color blocked coats.  Seriously, don't buy any of these.  If you happen to find something under $100, go for it.

Etro Colorblock Toggle Coat (was $595, nla):

Etro Faux-Fur Colorblock Coat (people, it's $4,040, don't bother):

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