Monday, September 19, 2011

Tights By Number

It's time for my Annual Tights Clean Out And Organization.

Every September, I go through all of my tights and try all of them on.  Yep, all of them. I make sure they are still:
1. Comfortable- not too tight or too loose, not scratchy, no irriating seams
2. Attractive- no holes or runs, no pilling, not worn out, still up to date colors and opaqueness or sheerness
Here is what I discovered this year:  I forgot do this last September.

I can hardly be blamed, I was planning a WEDDING for pete's sake.  But it means my job this year has been a difficult one.

Here is a picture of my tights wardrobe, by the numbers...

Total pairs I started with: 38

Pairs I am returning because they are still in their packaging: 4

Pairs I am giving away because they are unworn but unreturnable and it turns out I am not a sparkly tights kind of girl: 1

Pairs I tossed (attention environmentalists: this is HOSIERY, people, it can't be donated if it's used): 14

Pairs I am keeping: 19

Pairs I bought: 6 (review of these Tights From Heaven coming soon to a blog post near you)

Total pairs I have for the season: 25

Storage right now: each pair, shoved into rolled up nicely in its own labeled ziplock bag, all crammed stored  in a drawer. 

(Sort of like this, only more jumbled)


Permanent storage solution I am still searching for: 1

(Either of these might work)

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