Thursday, September 8, 2011

Why Fashion's Night Out Is Total BS

Tonight marks the third Fashion's Night Out, an invention of Anna Wintour and the Council of Fashion Designers of America. It's basically a bunch of retail stores collaborating to encourage people to shop- and therefore stimulate the suffering retail sector of the economy. 

It's total BS.

I like a party as much as the next girl, and I heart an event that pairs free drinks with sparkly things.  Here's the thing, though- this is not really a party.  It could be construed as a fundraiser, since some participants are donating some percentage of their profits to charities, but even that isn't the main point of the event.

People, this "party" isn't being thrown for us, the consumers.  It's being thrown for the very retailers who invited us.  They are celebrating their fervent hope that they will increase full price sales in exchange for a glass of bubbly.

By participating, you are telling Wintour that she was right- if they call it a party, you will come, and you will spend.  Even though you know damn well that as desperate as retailers are, there WILL be a sale.

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