Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's the Diff? Gold Knot Earrings Edition

These are the Know The Ropes Knot Studs.  They are $48 from Kate Spade.
These are the Believe It or Knot Earrings.  They are $9.99 at ModCloth.

Gold knot earrings are a classic piece of jewelry with a little nautical touch.  There are real gold versions that are $200+; I stuck with some lower priced options here.

What's the diff?  Well, the Kates are more tightly wrapped knots, 14k gold plated, and 3/8 inch long.  The ModCloth versions are more loosely wrapped knots, lead and nickel-free metal, and 1/2 inch long.  Frankly, I think you could probably get away with the ModCloth version if you took decent care of them.  Ultimately though, they won't last as long as something in real gold, or even gold plate. 

Which would I choose?  It's a trick question of course, because my ears aren't pierced .  But if they were, I'd probably good with the cheaper pair; my style doesn't tend toward the preppy or classic, so these would be a fun addition but not something I'd wear often.

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