Friday, September 2, 2011

What's the Diff? Necklace v. Earrings Edition

This is the Cute Cut-Out Bird Necklace.  It's $10.98 at ASOS.
These are the Trending Topic Earrings.  They are $9.99 at ModCloth.

Yeah, more birds, people.

Aside from one hanging from your neck and the other from your ears, they look identical.  For the extra 99 cents you'd pay for the necklace, you are getting iron and zinc alloy (yes, inferior to the white gold plated brass and surgical steel posts of the earrings).  Although with free shipping, ASOS might actually win in the price department.

So which would I pick?  I'd pick the earrings because they are higher quality for a lower price.  But since my ears aren't pierced (a long sordid tale you don't want to hear), it's moot.

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