Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Thursday

So, obviously I need a slimmer under this top...

Anyway, if you are looking at this outfit and wondering how the hell it works, I can explain:

Outfit details: Tee, Banana. Pants, Old Navy. Sweater, Anthropologie. Shoes, from Mexico. Necklace, H&M.

Why it works: The neutral brown pants and the pseudo-neutral tee are basically a blank canvas. The sweater adds a shot of color and a hint of waist (really, I swear), and the floral lace printed shoes add a little pattern in an otherwise all color-blocked outfit.

Dress it up: prettier top or blouse.

Dress it down: Jeans instead of slacks.

What it needs: I'm not a huge fan of this ensemble (yes, I have near-misses some days), and one thought I had was to switch the short-sleeved green tee for a long-sleeved white one to brighten the outfit and also have more contrast between the tee and the sweater.

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