Friday, August 8, 2008

Needless Markup's "Magnificant Seven"

In the words of colleague: suck it, Neiman Marcus.

Neiman's new catalogue lists "Fall's Magnificant Seven" as if they have single-handedly designed and created the fall trends that we've actually been seeing since BEFORE the fall shows.

So, here are Neiman's seven, with my comments, obviously:

1. Berry colors

Wow, what a shocker. If you have eyes, you can see that all shades of berry and purple are everywhere. I do recommend that you get some for fall and beyond- choose a flattering shade that you like, don't buy a color simply because you see three floors of it at Macy's.

If you get a top, try to pair it with something other than boring black. Most shades look amazing with navy, brown, grey and olive.

2. Satin

Do yourself a favor and don't bathe yourself in this. A satin blouse for work or dress for evening is lovely, but unless you like looking shiny, you aren't going to want to wear it every day. One way to participate in this trend without fear is in an accessory, like shoes or a clutch.

3. High-vamp shoes

Look, I love a sexy shoe as much as the next gal, but seriously, this is not office appropriate. Vamp-inspired is one thing, full on S&M is just asking for your manager to chat with you about the dress code.

4. Lace

A little goes a long way. I like the idea of a feminine lace jacket, but I don't like the reality of it on most working women. I think a lace jacket or dress MIGHT work for evening if it is well-made and fits perfectly. Otherwise, I think this is one that could easily end up looking cheap or very young. Try a lace overlay on a pair of shoes or gloves if you must have a some lace in your life.

5. Sleek shapes

This is one that I am totally on board with. For work, when in doubt, tailored is better than shapeless. Slim jackets, a pencil skirt, tailored slacks: love, love, love.

6. Romantic blouses

For me, blouses that both fit and are flattering are hard to find. If this is your thing, go for it. Just remember that this is a trend, probably not a lasting style.

7. Statement Jewlery

I don't see how this is new for fall, people. Haven't we been seeing ornate pieces for a while now. Whatever. The point it, the delicate chain is supposed to be replaced by major bling. This seems slightly over the top for the office and depending on your stature, might not even be flatering. Accessories should be proportionate to your stature, period.

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e dub said...

i bought my purple pants before the neiman book came out. i'm just sayin.