Sunday, January 31, 2010

Calling Them Cinderella Shoes Doesn't Make Them The Stuff of Fantasies

 First off, everyone MUST CLICK THIS LINK. I can't be the only one to experience the horror.

If you are currently shopping for bridal shoes, or ever have before, you know the selection is horrendous.  The phrase "crystal clear evening shoes" should never be used when describing the shoes a woman will be wearing on one of the best/most important/highest stress days of her life.

It evokes images of plastic hooker shoes fit only for the dirtiest street corners of an inner city.  And don't worry, many of the shoes in this section are just that.

But then there is this:

Presenting... the Cinderella evening shoe.


Yep, the sound of one hand clapping.  The site helpfully describes them as follows: "Romantic Clear Vinyl Evening Shoes featuring Cuban Heels and Silver Strips Down the Backseam.  Tiny perforations at the footbed provide air circulation so you can dance long after the clock strikes twelve!"

Don't know about you, but when I pictured Cindy's shoes at the ball, I was thinking of something a little less...ugly.  And matronly.  And cheap.  Hell, the fairy godmother didn't have a budget, right? 

And calling them Cinderella doesn't make them fit for a princess, or even a real life bride.  Romantic?  I'm thinking the last thing on the prince's mind would be romance, and he'd be wondering why such a grotesque shoe was being worn by such a lovely girl.

I know I'm not gonna be the Bride with the Ugly Shoes.  So who the hell is buying this crap?!

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