Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It strikes me that, given my last post, I should address a weighty topic that doesn't get as much attention as it deserves.

What is a dress?

First, I will tell you what a dress is not:
1. It is not a shirt, tee or otherwise.
2. It is not a bathing suit cover up.
3. It is not a caftan, tunic, or other long piece of fabric that is, in fact, something else entirely.

In short, a dress does not require pants or other bottoms to make it decent in public.

Now then, what is a dress, you ask?

A dress is a garment that, in one easy piece, makes up your ENTIRE outfit for the day, not counting accessories or outerwear.

Let's have a quiz, mmm kay?
1) True or False: this is a dress

2) This is: a) a dress; b) a platypus c) a $105 triangle of fabric that requires pants and a whole other shirt underneath to make it decent (Hint: it's from AW)

3) Fill in the blank: I just love how this _______ is so stripey and comfortable!

Answers: 1)F-F-F-False; 2) c; 3) Nightshirt (I would have also accepted favorite tee to wear with jeans or baseball shirt)

If you got any answers wrong, I am happy to conduct tutoring sessions.


Mira said...

I think a girl on Survivor wore that last one two years ago. It worked great there.

Kim said...

I got all three right!! Is there a prize?? : )