Thursday, January 7, 2010

What Am I Wearing?!

This was recently posted on my soon-to-be-launched wedding website.

The instant Sean and I got engaged, we were asked when the wedding was happening.  Never mind that we had JUST GOTTEN ENGAGED about two seconds ago.  People wanted to know right that minute when they should pack and fly in for the big tying of the proverbial knot.  I suppose in retrospect that will seem normal and even kind of endearing, but for now it feels like inquiring minds want all the details, all the time, without giving either of us a minute to breathe.

Now that a venue has been selected and a date set (in that order, mind you), the question on everyone's mind is: Have I found THE DRESS? 

Here's what I have to say about The Dress:  I will be wearing one. 

I will not be giving details prior to the ceremony about its color (no, I didn't pick something totally offbeat/weird like magenta lace), where it is from, how much it cost (um, hello, rude question), or who has seen it (Sean hasn't, and the few who have are sworn to secrecy).

I am under no illusions that this topic is everyone's first priority or thought every waking moment.  I mean, what we'll be eating has been brought up a fair number of times, too. I do think that asking the bride about her dress is akin to asking a lawyer to divulge his client's secrets. We're Not Gonna Talk.

I am happy to discuss the hors d'oeuvres choices (yes, some veggie options will be available), whether are serving hard liquor (no, this is a beer and wine only event, but it will be flowing and it will be good), and the dress code (semi-formal or formal suggested).  But let's lay the topic of what I will be wearing to rest.  Believe me, you'll either like it or you won't.

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