Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Designer Dis: AW, Part 2

So, this is in the Dresses section on the Nordstrom site.  I didn't stutter.

Regardless of Nordstrom's apparent gullibility, Alexander Wang has the nerve to call this a Pocket T-Shirt Dress. For $85.

If by "dress," AW means that it's an over-sized, stretched out gray t-shirt most women would borrow from their bf/husband/brother/dad to sleep in, then fine, perhaps we can chat.  If, however, AW means to imply that this garment is meant to be worn WITHOUT PANTS, IN PUBLIC, then hell no.  People, it's not even cotton! Stretched pieces of out rayon shouldn't be $85, much less in the dress section. 

It's also helpfully unlined, so your rayon swatch can be see-through and clingy, in addition to all of its other amazing features.

I think the best part of this overpriced piece of crap is the description, which EDub pointed out.  The best thing Nordstrom/AW had to say about this?  "Slips on over head."


Mira said...

I like the pose. It really sells it.

Kim said...

If I'm buying $85 PJs, they should at least be silk, right??