Thursday, June 3, 2010

Flip Flop Jeans, My Arse

I am coming out of hibernation briefly to address something I just couldn't let go untouched.

One of Piperlime's latest "Headlines" is for Summer's Most-Wanted Denim.  Piperlime has listed, among the white denim (not my thing), denim leggings (very much my thing), and boyfriend shorts (overpriced if you pay more than the cost of scissors to cut up your old jeans), something called Flip Flop Jeans. 

Confused?  You should be, because there's NO SUCH THING. According to Piperlime, these are wide leg jeans you wear with flip flops.  So, into the already oft-confusing world of denim, they decide to throw a new term into the fray.  A term they (or someone else in the industry) probably invented because "wide leg jeans" isn't new and thus wouldn't spur you to whip out your credit card.

Rest easy, ladies and gents.  If you choose to wear flip flops with your jeans, the jeans you have just donned have- like magic!- become your flip flop jeans.  Just do everyone a favor a get a pedicure first.

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