Monday, June 28, 2010

Red, White, and Blue: Red Shoes

Today's Red, White and Blue topic: red shoes

If you don't own red shoes, you are missing out on a super fun and ridiculously easy way to show some personality in your wardrobe.  Here's what I recommend:

1. Get a pair you adore.  Like, they make your heart SING. Don't go for the most practical pair you see- get the fun ones that you will love wearing!  These do it for me:

2.    Get a pair for work.  For a low-heeled pump, these are pretty slick:

These are an awesome choice for something higher and super sharp:

3.   You can also choose to throw caution to the wind and get a pair that is impractical but fabulous. Hellooo ruby slippers:

4. Or just stick to something H.O.T.

5.  And remember there are many shades of red, so if the bright lipstick hues featured above don't call to you, consider the variations.  Here are several:



Lighter red:

Happy hunting!

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Mira said...

I got a pair all locked up in storage that someone wants....