Sunday, June 27, 2010

Red, White, and Blue: Little White Dress

In honor of the fourth of July, which is one of my favorite holidays (who doesn't love fireworks, barbecues, and shameless color coordination?), I am going to post this week on some awesome red, white and blue items you might consider adding to your wardrobe.

First up: The Little White Dress

The LWD doesn't get as much love as the LBD, and for good reason:  white shows every speck of dirt, isn't always as flattering, and is restricted to one season a year.  I agree that white clothes are a huge pain in the arse to keep looking pristine.  If you can get over that, and you find something that fits perfectly, GET IT.  It's almost as versatile as black and will just as flattering if it truly fits well.  And maybe you can use in the spring AND summer?

Some thoughts/musings/suggestions:

1. A lot of white dresses look like nurse uniforms, or worse, nurse costumes.  I advise treading with caution around buttoned down, collared white dresses.  Consider something easy and breezy instead (this also comes in other colors):

2. I also advise choosing something with some structural interest, to keep it from being too plain.  This is fun and it has pockets!

3. Go easy on the eyelet.  It's cute, but you run the risk of looking too young and overly frilly.  This seems to strike a balance:

I strongly recommend heels, boots, or chunky accessories to keep this looking fun rather than precious.

4.  Remember this is a summer garment!  Don't get wrapped up in how much use you will get beyond days at the park, brunch on a sunny day, or bbqs.  Just get one that's comfy, flattering, and affordable, like this:
(ok this one is $174, but you get the idea)

A don't forget the cardi/scarf/leather jacket in case it gets chilly...

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Mira said...

I need a little white tent. Got any?