Friday, June 11, 2010

What's The Diff? Clutch Edition

I am interrupting my regularly scheduled programming of (diligent! tireless!) studying, to bring you this Clutch Edition of What's The Diff?

This is the Carlo Fellini Rhinestone Satin Frame Clutch. It's $76. It also comes in black and silver.

This is the Petite Glitter Clutch. It's $20.80 at Forever 21. It also comes in silver.

From the color, shape, frame, and rhinestone clasp detail, these look pretty damn close to me.  Yes, the F21 clutch is glitter instead of satin.  So I guess its use might be a bit more limited than that of the satin one.  But for a clutch that I probably won't use more than a few times, the cheaper version wins for me.  You?

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