Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Red, White, and Blue: Blue Scarves

Today's Red, White and Blue topic: Blue Scarves!

Unless you live in the tropics (and maybe even then), scarves can be worn year round. And because there are so many beautiful shades of blue, you can choose the ones that flatter your skin tone.

Don't believe you can wear scarves every season?  Try this:

1. Throw this on with a tee and jeans, and you are set for spring:

This also screams spring/summer to me:

2.  Bandana print is a hit every summer, and works with your LWD or just a tank and skirt:

If bandana print makes you reach for the eyeball bleach, try a  linen blend in a solid color:

3.  Cooler whether calls for snugglier scarves- try this for fall:

Yeah, yeah, it's not blue.  Click the link for no fewer than FIVE blue options.

4.  In winter I basically want to wear a blanket.  In plaid

Happy 4th of July, people. 


Mira said...

I suck at scarf wearing. Maybe some day I'll be worldly enough to make it happen. Not today.

Tall Fashionista said...

I love scarfs it can take a plain outfit to the next level.