Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The $41,000 Handbag

You are looking at a $41,000 handbag.

No, I did not add any extra zeros for effect.  Forty one. Thousand. Dollars.

Prada makes this bag.  Out of crocodile skin.  NOT the tears of 1000 blessed virgins, as you'd expect.  Or even the remaining hairs of balding Tibetan monks who devote their lives to crafting handbags for the super wealthy to sling around like it's a $19.99 special from Target.

No, no.  Crocodile.  You know, that fugly animal who eats birds and small children when given the opportunity?  Yeah, that.

So, I get that real skins are pricy to obtain and probably hard to work with.  But this handbag looks like pretty much every other black croc-embossed leather bag in the world.  For $41k, I want unique.  Oh, and I want DIAMONDS and a daily massage.

But, you're saying, the price per wear is so low!  I'll use it for 10 years!

First, no you won't.  If you can afford $41k handbags, you can afford variety.

Second, if you wanted to get your price per wear under $10 (which isn't that impressive BTW) , you'd have to carry it every damn day for over 10 years.  (That's right, I can do math.)

But don't worry, the Prada isn't even the most expensive one available.  Apparently, this mink and cotton number from Fendi can be as high as $44,000.

(Sorry for the crap pic.)

Mink and cotton.  Mink and...cotton.  Does that sound a little weird to you?  Maybe even a little BIZZARE AS HELL?

Yes, yes- mink is expensive, blah blah.  Cotton...not so much.  So if you've combined my overpriced furry animal skin with a common (read: low) natural fiber. I expect a commesurate price reduction.  How does subtracting $42,0000 sound?

Also, I doubt the shoes in that pic come with the bag, but even if they did, would you really be ahead?  They will make you look like you stepped in, and are now dragging around, roadkill. 

I am not going to disclose the most I have paid for a handbag.  But I will tell you that if I carried it every day for 10 years, my price per wear would be less than 20 cents.

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Ivie said...

I totally did the math on your price/wear riddle #nerd :)

A $42K bag is just ridiculous. There are so many better things that can be accomplished with that $. BUT there are people that can afford this and will still chose to purchase. Hopefully they also spend some of their $ for more altruistic causes.