Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chic Card Holders

One thing you need as a professional, or just as someone who meets other people, is a card holder.  Most card holders are snore-inducing.  You can do better, people.  How about one of these chic options?

Under $100:

Tory Burch Robinson Card Holder ($95):

Comes in 4 colors, including a delicious moss gold.  Want.  Gimme.

Kate Spade Tudor City Metallic Holly ($55):

So cute, yet practical.

Under $50:

Lodis Astor-Lily Card Case ($44):

Also comes in nude and black.

Hobo International Kai Patent Card Case ($44):

Also comes in black and mulberry.

Under $25:

Pink Business Card Case ($24.95, free personalization):

What do you carry your cards in?  And if you don't have cards, how do you give people your contact info?  (Please don't say cocktail napkin.)

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