Thursday, August 25, 2011

Second Hand Fabulousness: A Tory to Remember

[Note from Ellen S: Here's another long-awaited guest post from my fav li'l sis, Andrea S. A round of applause, please.]

I am not a fan of thrift stores and second hand shopping. The smell grosses me out, pre-worn clothes skeeve me out...Call me a snob or lazy or whatever you want- its just not my thing. Also, I almost never find anything that fits me, so I get frustrated and shopping becomes unpleasant. Not cool.

But I have several friends who LOVE buying second hand clothes, and admittedly I get jealous of their finds from time to time. However, when they find really fantastic designers or vintage pieces that are spectacular, they often don't realize it. And let's be honest- that is a damn shame!

My friend Katherine is one of my best friends- she has a great sense of personal style and understands what fits her body type. Katherine is also one of the people I'm referring to above- she finds fantastic used/vintage clothes and often doesn't realize the level of awesomeness she has purchased for a low, low price. For example: We decided to volunteer at some ridiculous eco-friendly beer festival (for the free beer, obviously), and since there was little for us to do, we did what came most naturally to us- we ate cake balls and went shopping! Luckily, we found both a fantastic bakery and a fantastic designer consignment shop. I pulled a huge pile of dresses for her, and off we went to the dressing room.

Katherine is quite curvy, and wasn't having a lot of luck until...The Tory. This gorgeous Tory Burch dress fits like a glove, and is really funky. I almost died- both from excitement and jealousy. But Katherine didn't know about Tory Burch, and might not have realized what a steal she was getting for $105! Why am I not a perfect, curvy size 8-10?! Needless to say, of course she purchased the dress, and found a store to which we will be returning quite soon!

Of course, the moral of the story is that I'm going to try harder to love second hand stores, and I will be accompanying Miss Katherine on her field trips...if for no other reason than to give fashion designers the credit they deserve! 

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