Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fall Tights: Let's Review

This is ground we have covered before, people.  If you got it the first time, bully.  If you didn't, don't sweat it- it's review time.

1. Tights are not pants.  If this is unclear to you, please read Oops, I forgot my PANTS.

2. Tights CAN be worn with close-toed flats.  Keep in mind that one continuous color (i.e., black tights + black flats) keeps your look streamlined while contrasting colors (i.e., purple tights + black flats) is fun, but less polished, and possibly a little juvenile.  For this reason, I suggest reserving non-neutral tights + flats for weekends and evenings, but every office is different.

Exhibit A:

3. Tights can be worn with peep-toed heels. Notice I did not say OPEN toed or sandals.  There's a difference, people.


Not only are her tights sagging (gross), this is a sandal.  Sandals and tights should not meet.  You will see people trying to "rock the look" or "mix the seasons."  They're doing it wrong.

Also NO:

This is an open-toed shoe.  And a sandal. 


This is a peep toe.  And this outfit combines an element from one season (lighter colored shoes for summer) with heavier textures and fabrics from another (ribbed mustard tights and a tweed skirt for fall), demonstrating a great way to mix seasons.

4. Matching non-neutral colored tights with shoes is a great way to add color to your wardrobe, and can be just as flattering as black on black.  This may not be appropriate in more conservative office environments.

Exhibit B:


Exhibit C:

5. Patterned tights fall into two categories for me: normal and bat shit crazy.

Normal: subtle pattern, slightly contrasting colors, or small section of high contrast

Exhibit D: example of fairly subtle patterns

Exhibit E: example of low contrast

Exhibit F: example of a small section of high contrast

Bat shit crazy: tie dye, anything that references mimes, the Wicked Witch of the West or makes you look like something is growing on you

Um.  The 80s called.  They want their fugly tights back.

So, the Wicked Witch called... you get the picture.

Why? WHY?!

6. Boots are not a cure all.

Some of you are thinking, yeah, whatever, I'll just wear tall boots and only part of the crazy pattern with show.  That'll tone it down!

You know who you are.

Boots can help tone things down, but the reality is that if they tights aren't appropriate without the boots, they aren't going to magically become appropriate with them.

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