Monday, November 23, 2009

Designer Dis: AW can bite me

The $80 tee really pisses me off.

This model is wearing the Alexander Wang Long Sleeve Pocket Tee. And yes, it is $80.

Do I see anything particularly special about this white piece of rayon(!!!)? Do I think a blind nun in the Alps sewed on the pocket by hand?

No and no.

Do I think I could find one that looks EXACTLY THE SAME in a fabric I actually want to wear, like cotton or silk, for much, much less?

Indeed I do.

This is AW's Sheer U-Neck Tee. For $75. I'm guessing the $5 price break is due to the fact that it looks like a stretched out version of the shirts I used to wear in high school gym class, only way more see-though. I just love a tee I have to layer ANOTHER DAMN TEE UNDER in order to wear it in public.

For those of you who think perhaps I am being a bit harsh, please shut it. I could dis on AW all damn day. But have I said a WORD about the $340 Henley top (which could have been borrowed from any large frat boy in the 90s)? Have I mentioned the $235 sweatshorts (are you freaking kidding me)? Have I uttered the tiniest PEEP about the $320 sweatshirt with grommets (it's cropped, people, CROPPED)?

I have not. Or maybe I have. But I don't hate everything from AW. I just think the price point is an artificial way to induce people to buy what they perceive to be exclusive, when really they are just getting ripped off. I haven't seen anything so far that looks original, super well made, or even more than slightly interesting. When you find something, lemme know.

Until then, this overpriced crap just makes me mad.

In the words of Andria C., good friend and shopper extraordinaire: only a wang would buy this tee. Guess what we think that makes you if you pony up for the rest of the line?

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Mira said...

Ya this stuff is crap. See thru t shirts can be had at the gap for $10. Why do people buy shirts you have to wear other shirts underneath in order to wear? I have never understood the see thru tshirt thing. The point is to cover my underwear, not highlight it with scraps of gauze.

Right on sista.