Friday, November 27, 2009

Shop Around, People

This blouse is $228.00 at Anthropologie. This exact same blouse is also at Nordstrom. For $135.90.

Had I been planning to buy this top, which I did consider for more than a second, I would have missed saving 40% by not checking other places that sell this brand. The moral? Shop around.

This Barbie Style Salon Playset is $49.95 at Amazon. It is also available at for $26.99.

I actually AM planning to buy this playset for a toy drive at work, and would never have thought that the Mattel site for Barbie is less expensive than Amazon. The moral? Let's say it together: shop around.

There is no reason, if you are shopping online, why you shouldn't check a few other places for what you are about to buy. And check for a coupon code. Any Google search for "Anthropologie coupon code" will tell you pretty quickly whether you could get a % off or free shipping.

Shopping in brick and mortar stores make it cumbersome to shop around, but online there's no excuse to pay more when a few clicks can prevent it. Happy hunting!

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Anonymous said...

Shameless Plug: If you use the Shopping function on Bing it will show you all the sites where you can buy a specific item, how much it costs at each and if they have free shipping (one click!)