Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gift Watch 2009: Apres Ski Boots

You heard it here first: just because a girl doesn't ski, doesn't meant she shouldn't have furry, warm apres ski boots to hang out in the lodge/at home/just because they're awesome. So, these are on my list this year.

The Sporto Chelsea boot, above, is one I considered for more than half a second. They are cute in a slightly ridiculous way and they're waterproof. Check. But they also have a (small) heel and a somewhat masculine rubber tread. I don't live in Chicago, people (sorry, li'l sis). And I wonder how practical they'd be if I actually DID end up putting them on after skiing.

I thought I kind of liked these:

But are they TOO utilitarian?

The North Face Janey is in the running:

Hello, laces up the back!

And I'm into this Merrell boot:

A little interest on the side, a lot of snuggly around my feet.

Thoughts? Musings? The recent cold weather has me dreaming of snuggly shoes, but I don't think these are appropriate ALL the time. Use some discretion, I'm asking nicely this one time. I'm talking to you, ladies who think these look cute over jeans or with a freaking mini skirt.

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