Sunday, November 8, 2009

Italy, Revisited


I'm really just revisiting Italy by (finally!) posting pictures of what I bought for myself in Florence, Land of Delicious Leather Goods Available by the Truckload.

The blue clutch is from Il Bisonte. The Florence store had so many bags I wanted, ultimately I stuck to the sale section and picked up this little gem.

I bought the purple handbag at a fab handbag store that I literally stumbled upon while searching for leather jackets. The bag is convertible three ways and I got a deal cut for me since I ended up buying a second bag for my li'l sis (can't post it or I'd ruin the surprise for her; suffice it to say that it's a totally different look and the leather is awesome).

The handbag sales woman recommended an amazing leather jacket shop, Massimo Leather, from which I purchased not one, but TWO leather jackets (pictures forthcoming during an Outfit of the Day). The really nice shop owner cut me a deal since I bought two. If you are going to Florence, GO TO THIS STORE. And ask for Massimo.

Last stop: Shoe store recommended by Massimo. Fab boots under 100 euro procured. Score!

And the shopping trip would not have been nearly as successful if I hadn't followed the Best Shopping Advice from Li'l Sis EVER: go alone. The sales people will bargain with you more freely if you aren't with someone. This seemed especially true for women, but I have no way of knowing what it's like for a dude...

Sigh. The mall just doesn't look the same any more.

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