Monday, November 23, 2009

Handbag of the Day: Oversized Tote

Please say hello to the lexi slouch oversized tote from Calvin Klein. It's $152.60 and has a really! fun! bright blue! lining! The pleat detail keeps the look sleek, and while this is on the plain side, it could be ideal for someone who tends to go less plain on their outfits or other accessories.


Kim said...

Ok, so I have the hobo not the tote, and in grey not in blue... but I'm honored that you featured (almost) a handbag I own! How cool am I??? And the lining is really fun... but the outside zipper pocket is my favorite feature... it's the perfect place for my cell and keys, so neither get lost inside!

Nabeela said...

I bought this handbag recently after a lot of thought(was too expensive for my taste!)....but I am soo glad I did because I couldn't find a better deal(or even the damn bag) at any other CK store! Do you know of a site where I could still buy it online(I'd like to get one for my mom too). I tried searching on a lot of sites but I couldn't find it anywhere.