Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gift Watch 2009

If you haven't noticed, I have recently become a TEENY BIT obsessed with Twitter. So, my Gift Watching has been done that way for the last week or two. Handily, my recent tweets (yeah, I think it's weird to call them that, too) can be found in the right column of this very page. Woo hoo.

For those of you who are morally opposed to/annoyed by/just don't wanna tweet or follow such things, I present to you an Official But Not Comprehensive Gift Watch Summary Thus Far:

1. For the entertainer and/or sweets lover on your list check out

2. Super fun and affordable ring at

3. For the Star Wars fan on your list, this ($132!) bangle will make them proud:

4. This sweet cupcake lip balm 4 pack is $10

5. Find INSANELY adorable (without being kitschy!) jewelry at

Need a gift idea? Get her this wallet (only $38!) and slip in a couple of gift cards...

This make up set just looks fun to play with:

These wool-cashmere gloves with buttons are so cute!

9. Consider signing up for an
Amazon Prime account-the 2 day free shipping on almost everything more than pays for itself during the holidays, at least for me...

Free shipping @ J Crew on $150 or more (let's face it: hitting $150 is no problem on that site). Enter code HOLIDAY

Her pieces run on the pricey side but they are gorgeous, unique and fun:


I love, love, LOVE this detailed and nature-inspired jewelry with a dark side. It's well priced, too!

14. This
cloisonné jewelry is amazing:

Crate and Barrel has some pretty fun under $25 & under $50 stuff:

Who doesn't love a cashmere scarf? Lots of options at Nordstrom for under $100.

And, now, for your Feel Good Link of The Day...
31 ways to help others this season:

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