Thursday, December 17, 2009

Need to Laugh?

Should you need a laugh, mosey on over to the Net-A-Porter Sale, where you will find the likes of this:

Um, hello, 1992? Your Contempo Casual shorts are calling. And don't worry, they're on sale for $105.

What is this $1,431 (yes, you read that right) embellished tank dress embellished WITH, you ask? No, not gold, diamonds, or the tears of virgins. It's crystal.

This one is just too easy, it makes me wonder if it was put on the site just to be mocked. This little number is $626.50, and is SEQUINED. Because the florescent animal print was too subtle on its own.

This is a lamé-paneled chiffon blouse. It is $633.50. Surely no more needs to be said on this. The fact that it looks like something from Forever 21's club wear section certainly isn't worth mentioning.

There were so many bad pants options, limiting myself here was difficult. These knit pants are $467.50. (Good thing, too, they aren't $468, because no way would I pay an extra 50 cents for these.)

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