Monday, December 7, 2009

Boots + Shorts = FUGLY

I'm not gonna lie to you: I think boots with shorts is a terrible look.

(Actually, I think the whole shorts-instead-of-pants-or-a-skirt is ridiculous, since I think shorts are reserved for hot summer days when traveling or throwing on over your bathing suit at the beach, but I digress.)

Shorts + boots/booties/furry abominations AKA Uggs = FUGLY.

I realize that many of you would like an explanation of my disgust, to which I must respond: tough noogies. My venom for such a juvenile, trashy, sloppy look is deep-rooted and irrational. I cannot express it clearly.*

I will say the following by (lousy) way of explanation:

1. It reminds me of something vaguely athletic, and we know how inappropriate that is when not on a field, court, or track. Please see Exhibit A:

2. It reminds me of the revolting Southern-California-Girl-Bullshit that inspires people to do this:

3. Basically, this "Sloppy and Wishing I Was Still 16 So I Could Get Away With It" look says it all for me:

To sum up, do everyone a favor and wear some pants or a skirt (one that covers your arse, preferably) when wearing your boots. Believe me, you and everyone with eyes will be glad you did.

*And no, adding tights under your shorts and boots does not change anything.


Mira said...

I've never understood this trend either. Either it's boots weather OR it's shorts weather. It can't be both with the rare exception of a hot summer rain. But then it'd just rain in the top of your boots and that's useless too.

Adelaide said...

I can't believe she gave herself permission to leave the house looking like that. Fashion Police Help!

Aury said...

I LOVE your blog!
We must be kindred spirits or something! You have to tell me what you think of the whole leggings without any other clothing to cover your butt look. I just dont understand.

Ellen S. said...

Hi, Aury! Thanks, and your requested Tights Are Not Pants commentary has been posted today. I feel your pain.