Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Santa Pets: Pro or Con?

I used to be firmly on the side of Dressing Your Pets Like People Is Gross. Since my introduction to icanhazcheezburger and Bumble Steve (he's on Facebook but there are some great pics on this blog), I have gotten over my aversion to dressing up animals for our amusement. I still think the animals aren't into it, but I think I can stand that as long as they aren't being hurt (you know, besides their probable feelings of shame and disgust).

Are you pro or con dressing up pets? This santa cat is pretty cute, people. So's this guy:


Mira said...

Since I dress up my kids for my amusement I see nothing wrong in torturing cats the same way. Any cat who really doesn't wanna wear the stuff? Will let you know quite effectively. Ever tried to dress a cat?

Yours Faithfully said...

I agree with you: It's OK to dress up pets for fun as long as they don't have to endure any pain or serious inconvenience. After all, we often hear of mothers of sons who pine for daughters dressing up their little boys in cute girlie dresses (and much to the boys' chagrin, saving those snaps!). If it's done with love, I think it's all right.

Wayne said...

I was just looking through blogs and I saw the kitty dressed up. cute and I love the dog also great post