Thursday, December 17, 2009

Handbag of the Day: Roundup

Today's Handbag of the Day is actually several- there were too many good ones on sale at Piperlime for me to pass them up (official sale prices start Sunday):

I know, I know- it's shameless self promotion from MJ, but I can't help loving this tote. It's $129.99, which is high for a canvas tote, but I still love it, for all of its rugged/utilitarian-yet-stylish-ness.

This Francesco Biasia Emily IV comes in purple ($169.99), blue and brown (both $149.99). This is a STEAL for this brand, not to mention it's lined in suede. Delish.

This Tano bag is $169.99 and is a little bit bad girl rocker chic, which might be why it's called Mona Lethal. I love all of the pockets and the contrasting colors.

This ridiculous little travel pouch from See by Chloe comes in blue and pink, and as much as I don't go for the cutsie stuff, I am sorely tempted to buy this for $39.99. It looks like the perfect size to pop in my bag or suitcase.

P.S. If you check out the sale, you'll see several other Handbag of the Day picks at reduced prices- yippee!

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