Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Don't Do This: Dog Backpack

So, I like a dog as much as the next schmoe, but when I saw a women in the Financial District heading for a train wearing this, with a tiny rat-masquerading-as-a-dog creature inside (what, so I'm a cat person), I thought I might scream.

Several possible explanations for this abomination came to mind: 1) she is thinks she is Paris Hilton but can't afford a designer bag in which to carry her precious mutt, 2) she couldn't live without it for 8 hours so had to bring it with her to work, which was probably really freaking fun for the dog, or 3) she thought she was hiking to her campground in the wilderness with her best friend. In downtown San Francisco.

And have you ever SEEN one of these babies in action? The tiny dog-like animal (ok, fine, it was an ACTUAL dog) is skittering around, sloshing from side to side with every step this woman took. The pack isn't exactly stationary when it is on your back and a small yipping animal is balancing precariously inside. The whole scene was pathetic.

So, to sum up: this is freaking RIDICULOUS and I cannot be convinced that anyone with eyes could ever dream of subjecting themselves and others to such a revolting spectacle.

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Andrea S. said...

My neighbors may or may not have been woken up by my snorts and cackles while reading this. I do so appreciate my overactive imagination at times like these.