Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Retro Clothes Alert

I love a great retro dress.  I am not a fan of costumes, but Daddy-O ( walks the fine line between costumes and retro clothing pretty well.  The site has men's bowling shirts, some amazing dresses, shoes, and other accessories.  

I find the accessories too kitchy for my taste, and I extend a strong word of caution to those of you brave enough to work the rockabilly/swing/lounge look: a little goes a long way.  Meaning, if you wear a full-on 50s dress, keep it modern and non-Halloweeny with more updated accessories.  If you love a kitchy litte handbag, don't wear your most retro pumps- keep everything else relatively sleek and simple.

That said, I adore this dress and these pumps, so not putting them together might require some willpower...

1 comment:

Sean said...

I just damn near made a retail thearapy impulse purchase from this site... Luckly, I need to measure my chest size before I place any orders.