Monday, May 4, 2009

My Shopping Entourage: Part 2

Ok, here are a few of the observations I made when shopping with my image consultants-in-training:

1. Having your clothes picked out for you is not just for children.

Seriously, not having to go through each store to decide what to try on was liberating.  I loved being able to go straight to the dressing room.  Anything we all didn't love, I didn't buy.  And having people run around for different sizes for me was flat out awesome.  I have done this for others, but never experienced it myself.  

Basically, I realized that the shopping services I provide are truly valuable, both from a time and stress perpsective.

2.  A little disagreement is healthy.

As in, "Those pants are see-through, put them back."  I cannot emphaize enough that constructive criticism is necessary when shopping for others.  I really appreciated hearing the truth, because that was the only way for me to make informed purchases.  And so I assume that when I shop for others, they want to hear the truth, too.

3.  Closet cleanouts can feel invasive.

Yeah, no shit.  But I never really internalized this fact until I was faced with allowing other people into my closet.  And I couldn't do it.  I got out of it and luckily they were cool about it.  But I know I will be at least a TEENY BIT more sensative and aware of how invasive I am being the next time I do a closet makeover.

4.  Having an entourage rules.

I was a shopping QUEEN.  It was glorious.  And I would seriously pay to have the experience again.  Shopping alone with the mere mortals will be so bland in comparison.  Not that I am going to stop or anytime soon... 

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