Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Mad Hot Mess

I believe this is the very definition of Hot Mess.

This appears to be Helena Bonham Carter and her mom, although it is hard to recognize them with so much, um, weirdness happening.

I am trying to decide if they did this to be funny or if they both woke up and decided to put on as many items of clothing they could find in stuffed into corners of their closets and then determined that the best way to accessorize the whole thing was to grab a handful of costume jewelry, scarves, and bags, toss them into the air, and see what stuck.

First of all, Helena is way too attractive for this ridiculousness. Surely if she applied herself, we could see something just a tiny bit better. As for mom (mum?), that hat looks deliberate, and I find that just a little offensive. You are in public, and I have eyes, people!

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