Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shorts + Heels = Hideous Evening Look From Hell

Even during the day, the shorts with heels thing must be handled with care. But at night it's just plain inappropriate, weird, and depending on location, a little offensive.

Let me count the ways that the above look, and those related to it, sucks:

1. Clogs are probably the ugliest shoes known to womankind.

2. Paisley shorts are not cute after age 8, and even then they're on the edge.

3. Shorts that are short enough to see arse (or anything else) while sitting or standing are inappropriate at all times. Maybe the surfer chicks at the beach can SORT OF get away with it, but even then I'm not so sure.

4. Shorts at a bar/club/restaurant at night are weird enough outside the sporadic biker dive, but to hit the club in cuffed shorts and heels is borderline rude. I mean, I put on my nice jeans/dress/mini- why the hell didn't you feel the need to do the same? And just because shorts are in and it's hot outside does not mean they work for every occasion.

5. If you just rolled into said bar/club/restaurant the from the park with your bf/musuem with mom/running errands that is gross. But if you went home, changed into your little "outfit" on purpose, and decided you were ready to go, that is just inexcusable. I swear, I almost told one woman at the bar on Friday to go home and change into her big girl clothes.

6. Celebs do not dictate what you should be wearing. I am sure that we've all seen pictures of a beautiful celebrity-of-the-day in her shorts and heels Look of Season outfit. Lest you be delusional, you are not her. My point? Celebs can be style inspirations, but they are not the end all and be all of YOUR style and what works in real life. A little common sense and a tiny dose of reality will carry you far.

7. Repeat after me: Clogs are hideous. Clogs ARE hideous. Clogs are HIDEOUS.

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