Sunday, July 20, 2008

A few of my favorite things...

What I call Irrational Work Wear, which consists of either the most boring navy suit and cream shell you've ever seen or a mini skirt with 4 inch stripper heels (seriously, you KNOW who you are), is just unacceptable for women of such fabulousness.

In an effort to promote rational work wear, I am listing below a very small smattering (ooh, alliteration!) of websites from which I often buy work clothes. Feel free to post and add to the list...

This store is essential for the modern woman looking for basics. If you don't like their stuff, try, or even (steer clear of the gold bikinis).

Trust me, it's worth checking Nordies out, because A) it's easier to shop there than Macy's because it's actually edited, B) their customer service rocks, and C) their shoe selection alone is enough to make a girl swoon.

This store and its sister are great places to add a little romance/beach baby/skater chic into your life. Beware of going overboard at these stores: too much of a good thing can make you look really young, and nothing is more depressing than real women trying to look 19. You can usually get away with something super feminine or even fairly casual if you pair it with something well-tailored and streamlined. I love a floral top with crisp black pants and don't-mess-with-me heels. &

Yes, these are already common household words, but they work at work. Shoes are, hands down, easiest way to work some personality into your outfits at work. Leopard print might be questionable in a dress, but no one can argue with a little leopard on the tootsies.

More on accessories later, I promise.

This is the short and sweet list for those of you who don't have the time or (shockingly) the interest to look elsewhere- who else should we add?

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