Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday's child is full of grace

...or something. Happy Monday.

Outfit details: Pants, Anthropologie. Brown tee, Banana. Cream cardi, Banana. Shoes, Stuart Weitzman (they are ruby red patent leather, but you can't see them)

Why it works: The pants are tailored and pinstriped, keeping them fairly conservative for the office. The cardigan dresses up the tee and pulls some attention to my (non-existent) waist.

What it needs: this outfit actually needs accessories, big time. I was too rushed this AM to be creative, but I think a long, delicate necklace or some chunk bangles would work. My ears aren't pierced, but earrings would go a long way.

Dress it up: For a more conservative setting, you could do a button-down dress shirt or cover the tee with a structured jacket.

Dress it down: take off the cardigan, add a leather bomber jacket and some necklaces.

What do you think? I'm a fan of constructive criticism and flagrant flattery.

P.S. Nordstrom's current Anniversary Sale is AMAZING. Get your arses over there.


e dub said...

that's so cute! i need you to be my personal shopper.

Kim said...

Love the pants, and I know I would love the shoes if I could see them! (Actually, I think I have seen them and if so, do love them!!) The only other thing I think is missing is a smile!! I'm not convinced you were all that into going to work this AM! : )