Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hair, everywhere

In honor of my haircut this weekend (pics above, woo hoo!), I am discussing what is completely unacceptable hair or hair accessories for the office...

Scrunchies: No freaking way. Do not even TELL me that you own them, much less that you wear them anywhere except MAYBE to the gym.

Plastic barrettes: Just because your daughter/li'l sis/crazy aunt wears them, doesn't mean you can.

Colors that do not occur in nature: I'm not talking about some extra raspberry highlights, I'm talking about full on blue. Not only is it unprofessional, it screams identity crisis.

Dirty hair: This one is open to interpretation. Dirty is a relative term and I do not advocate washing your hair every day if your stylist told you not to. But when it starts to smell from more than a foot away, get a damn clue.

Helmet head: If you use half a can of Aqua net everyday, I have a message for you: the 80s are over and they aren't coming back. I'm all about keeping your hair in place, but if it's crispy, it's all wrong.

P.S. My hair, above, is by the talented Noel at Artbeat Salon in Berkeley.

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Lucia said...

Scrunchies are not even acceptable at the gym. Especially if one is trying to claim one's territory at the gym ;)