Monday, March 1, 2010

Hey, Harper's Bazaar! SUCK IT

I flipped through this month's issue of Harper's Bazaar and my first clue that the editors of this rag are on a different planet than, say, 99.999% of the rest of us was an article under the misleading title Cheap Thrills about affordable spring fashion.

Didja click that link?  I highly recommend it if you need a laugh and/or fuel for a rant. You will find the "cheap thrills" they are so effing thrilled about are considered cheap because they are somewhere under the $500-700 range instead of being upwards of $800 like the rest of the clothes featured in the mag.  In the discussion on diffusion lines, right under the obligatory Target plug, the article states "The prices on [Zac] Posen's new Z Spoke collection...start at $78 and don't go over $675."  Well, thank freaking god, because if any piece went ONE PENNY over $675, it would no longer be a cheap thrill.

The article continues in this vein by describing $232 necklaces and $415 sequined windbreakers (?!) "as credit-card-friendly".

Here's the thing:  While I have been known to drop more than I should on a handbag, I sure as hell don't have the chutzpah to call a $600 bag "cheap" or even "credit-card-friendly."  A $20 bag with a fun print from Old Navy that happens to look like it cost way more? THAT is a cheap thrill.

We have long known that the people writing in and running these magazines are operating on different definitions of style, hotness, and even reasonable price ranges.  But don't insult me- and pretty much everyone else- by calling the swag you got sent for free and that most of us would actually consider a splurge "cheap", or frankly, even a thrill.

So, Bazaar, please suck it.  Because we all know you suck.


Aury said...

I never even pay any attention to the clothes/things they advertise in these magazines. I mean who are they targeting anyway? The remaining 2% of upper class society that isn't filing for bankruptcy is hardly going to dash out and buy $600 headband from Zac Posen in these ridiculous times. And credit card friendly? Have they been living under a rock for the past year and a half? The whole debit, credit, and loan system is on shaky ground. This is not the time to be spending non-existent cash on totally random things.

I think the whole thing has got to be one huge joke.

Joanne said...

i agree! those suggestions weren't helpful at all... even financial analysts would agree that everything they've featured as budget friendly merchandize are a recessionist's worst enemy.