Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shoe Obsession of the Month: Harajuku Lovers

Thanks to my friend C, who pointed out a pair of Harajuku Lovers shoes to me the other day, I have been relentlessly searching the web for this shoe line and just found what appears to be something of a treasure trove at  This is another line from Gwen Stefani, but unlike the L.A.M.B line, this is super trendy but also very well-priced.

The above shoe is the Airli Patent Mary Jane Pump.  If they don't have your size, I recommend checking other sources if you love them.  Also comes in two RIDICULOUSLY adorable plaid prints.

This is the Abilly Peep Toe Wedge.  And yes, that IS a heart peep toe and a little heart cutout on on the back.  The shoe also comes in grey on Smart Bargains.

This is the Patricia Sandal, and also comes in a somewhat subtler silver/gold combo.  I want these with a fiery passion.

Last are these over-the-top silly Leah T-Straps.  They aren't something I'd wear often, but can picture them with a sun dress at a barbecue.  They also come in black.

1 comment:

Kim said...

I can picture you in the last ones at a BBQ too!!

And I can picture me in the plaid Mary Janes.... too cute. But I'll have to keep searching, as the supply at isn't exactly endless, and they don't have my size. :(