Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ring Me

It's time for another Ring Round Up.  (Don't worry, I won't ever use that silly phrase again.)  But it IS time.

I want this ring.  It's the Feathers ring and is $39.50 at Banana Republic.  It's funky, it's bird-inspired, it's a little bit art deco/vintage-looking.  WANT.
This teacup ring is $46.15 at ASOS, a site I have recently become aware of and fallen deeply in love with.  Make sure you click "change currency" to US dollars when you browse.
This Kate Spade bow ring is $75.  It's cute, fun, and will go with everything that needs a feminine touch.
Here's another bow ring, this one from Marc by Marc Jacobs; it's $58 and comes in three colors.  (Click the link for a better picture.)  Will probably bring this one home with me at some point...
Last is the ASOS metal knot ring for $11.97.  Looks fun to wear!


Mira said...

Ok, is it possible that you and I have the exact opposite taste in jewelry? Cuz I don't get any of them. Why would you want three teacups balanced on your finger? Wouldn't they catch on something?

Ellen S. said...

Not just possible, but highly probable. To me, costume jewelry is supposed to be fun and even a little outrageous! The teacups ring is a nod to Alice in Wonderland and very likely will catch on something at some point. :)